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The GP Brewing Co. redesign was on of the first projects I got assigned with Division [1] Media Corp. The long time clients wanted a new, fresh look for their marketing site that would better reflect the current direction of the company. They wanted something that felt more alive, was lighter and have some movement. To achieve their goals, the new site design used parallax scrolling background images with subtle animations triggered on scroll. The new design was also given a simplified color pallet that would help lighten up the design and keep focus on the content.

This site redesign was developed using a proprietary content management system that was built in house at Division [1] called DevLive. DevLive is not the most intuitive system I have ever used, but it allows for a certain freedom for the developer which is nice to see in a CSM.

It is unfortunate that my site redesign was never launched. Right around the time I finished development of the new site, there was a complete change in management at GP Brewing Co. and the project was placed on indefinite hiatus.

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    Division 1 Media Corp.

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    Web Design/Development

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    PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, DevLive

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