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Division [1] Media Corp. is one of Edmonton premiere web, software and mobile app developers. My current job title with the company is lead mobile application developer / full stack web developer, but as we are a small team everyone kinda does everything. To that end, the Division [1] website redesign and development was assigned to me. I was tasked with creating a new bold look, with large images and crisp typography. The main goal of the site was for it to be more then a marketing tool. We also wanted it to serve as a display for what Division [1] could achieve. To achieve this goal extra care was taken in the development of the site. Design elements were added, removed, tweaked and added yet again. All new addition were reviewed thoroughly so that only the highest quality content and design stayed in the final version. At the time of the redesign, Division [1] was also in the process of transition towards mobile development. Therefore the new website had to emphasize this new direction for the company.

Some of th new features added to the website during the development process where a fully featured quote generator, mobile specific application pages, and a completely new portfolio with custom admin panel for ease of updating.

  • When It Launched

    January 2018

  • Who It Was For

    Division 1 Media Corp.

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  • What I Did

    Web Design/Development

  • How I Did It

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Developing in exciting new ways...

Projects like these are awesome for trying out new and exciting features, as such the bones of the site were built with a custom flexbox grid system (as css grids are just not supported enough). I also got to play around with animations but in the end they proved not to really add anything but longer load times.

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