The Making of Studio Birdcage Part 3: Launch and beyond

After much longer than I would like to admit, Studio Birdcage is live (kinda). It is still very much in beta but stable enough not to crash constantly. Which is nice. In the dramatic third act of this development story, I impart all the knowledge I have gained on this journey and might even tease some future plans.

The Making of Studio Birdcage Part 2: Building a Backend

Content Management Systems are the bee's knees. That being said, I have never found one that I felt I truly enjoyed using. So when I started planning the build for Studio Birdcage, the solution was obvious. Why not build your own. I mean how hard can it be!

The making of Studio Birdcage Part 1: So many false starts

In part one of the thrilling development story of this very website I reminisce about all the false starts. It is a gripping tale of one mans struggle with a design that is not working, an overly ambitious plan and a voice in his head that will simply not shut up. Doesn't that sound like something that is worth a read.