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The idea behind COM•MU•NI•KIT was simple but powerful. Build a unified software solution that will run any number of mobile applications and provide each app with a number of powerful features right out of the box. We wanted to break down the financial barrier and time needed to get custom white labeled apps on the store but still give clients complete control over how and what content was available to their members.

With the COM•MU•NI•KIT web application, clients are given full control over the content that each of their member has access to on a person by person basis. The current version gives admins the ability to target individual users with documents, custom dynamic forms, news, events, and payments. All of which can be sent with an accompanying push notification for increased user interaction.

I am currently in the planning stages of COM•MU•NI•KIT 2.0. With the new version we hope to give groups the ability to easily integrate custom data feeds, populate a fully featured calendar and many more exciting features.

  • When It Launched

    January 2018

  • Who It Was For

    Division 1 Media Corp.

  • Where It Is

  • What I Did

    Software Development, iOS + Android App Development, Web Design

  • How I Did It

    PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

One unified framework to rule them all...

With the COM•MU•NI•KIT web service and mobile framework, we are able to get a mobile application from the planing stages to live on both app stores in a fraction of the time it usually takes to develop custom mobile applications. Having this solid framework in place allows us to use or time to customize each app to fit perfectly with each clients individual needs.

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